Pet Memorials

Niva Grote, 2001 - 2011

Niva Grote
Siberian Husky / German Shepherd Mix
Niva was always on alert and never missed an opportunity for fun: chasing squirrels; wresting with her feline brother, WeaponX; letting me dress her in ridiculous costumes for my own amusement… She was an ongoing source of entertainment.
I was looking for a companion for Mr. Twiggy (my original canine fur child) when I found Niva at the Atlanta Humane Society. There she was, the only puppy more intent on destroying her bowl than in making puppy eyes at potential adoptive parents. It was love at first sight. I'm not sure where she came from, but boy was she a handful.
She was the class clown and my best buddy when I was feeling down. She was my official greeter and my trespasser alert system. She could destroy anything made of wood before you could blink.
I miss Niva.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Niva:
Niva GroteNiva Grote

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